This is not definitely not Sesame Street- The Happytime murders

What do you get if you cross the Henson Family world famous puppets with Innuendo filled comedy and a touch of 1970/80’s crime drama? Well… pretty much ‘The Happy time Murders’.

Brian Henson Directs this puppet/human co-existence, set in the seedier side of LA. In this world, puppets are the outcasts of society, relegated to a sub human class of life (I can’t help but think the crew is trying to introduce some comparative social commentary, but this kinda gets lost in the smut!)

Very much in the style of Leslie Nielsen’s  Naked gun Detective the story is self narrated by a disgraced Puppet PI, trying to clear his name and gain back his lost reputation as LAPD’s first and last puppet cop, and along the way getting framed as the murderer of the cast of Happytime, the only tv show to ever have a mixed puppet/human cast.

The human supporting cast Melissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Banks and Maya Rudolph are without question the string that holds the film together, each of them with an outrageously exaggerated character, that gets you laughing from the out set.

The film is 1.5 hours of mindless, smutty, innuendo filled humour, not a film I would make a huge effort to see a second time at the cinema, but it would keep me occupied on a slow night in front of the telly.

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