Bringing back some of the old classics and mixing in the latest hits, Guitar Hero Live launches with quite the show, but at what cost?

For any Guitar Hero fan out there you will know the premise is simple: select your song, press the buttons at the right time and impress the crowd. The latest addition by Activision shows how, with a live crowd and new guitar set up, you become more involved in the show.

Guitar Hero Live

The best place to start is the guitar, although it looks the same as previous versions, the new 6 button combination allows the player to ‘change strings’ and strum ‘chords’ rather than just sliding up and down the fret board. It’s quite a different feel and although you could argue they have done this to make it feel more like a guitar, I’d probably just assume this is to make the game harder overall, which it does. Trying to keep your hot streak can be hard but once you have mastered those little riffs you can start enjoy the visuals much more.

Filmed in a completely new style, you look out across your vast audience and into the crowds. But the faces screaming back at you are more than just computer images; it was filmed in front of a real live frickin’ audience. These guys do more than just scream; if you play bad they get mad. And boy do they get mad! Continuously booing you, you almost feel like walking off stage.

Don’t look to your band for help, they ask you what you are playing at too! If all of that gets too intimidating for you, why not try the new game mode?

Live mode is very much like how MTV used to be. Continuous music playing all day with a short 10 second advert every 3 or 4 songs. As soon as you log on you are in a song. Earn points and levels for bonus’ including new power-ups and tokens that let you play a song ‘on demand’. I think this is the part that becomes more interesting. Not only is the library of music much larger than the career mode but it also gives you access to the latest songs such as Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran and Walk off the Earth (if you don’t’ know who they are by now go and check them out too). Even you can be Lenny Kravitz!

There are two down sides to this game. The first is the price. Games are not cheap, a PS4 or Xbox One game will set you back around £45 brand new. To just start playing you are looking at £80. If you want to play with a friend at home add another £55 for a second guitar. On the plus side, if you have a confident friend, why not get a microphone instead and one of you can sing!

The second problem with this game is a direct result of the addictive nature of the game. The background is continuously moving and interacting with your playing of the game. When I played for too long or look away there were times I felt slightly dizzy. Strangely this went away by playing more!

Overall, this is a really fun game. Very short if you are just playing it on your own but perfect as something to break up a longer game or if you are having a group of friends over. Yes it is a bit of a hit on your finances but definitely worth it as you can pick it up again and again, especially when new tracks are uploaded.

More than 70 new songs will be playable in Guitar Hero Live before the end of the year!

For the die-hard fans the changes to the guitar and visuals is refreshing and will give your brain a little challenge but I’m sure you can pick it up quick enough.


Written by Chuckie

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