Bob Malone Review At The 100 Club

When Bob Malone is on tour no where is safe. Travelling to the deepest and darkest parts of England to places that “most of us will never see” Malone informed his audience that he took that bullet for us. On the other hand, if anyone could hit him with a bullet whilst he plays, I would be impressed.


Whilest sitting he uses one of the most under-rated instruments: the stomp box, but it is his imminent explosions that you would watch out for. Malone displays the most amount of energy I have ever seen at a jazz gig, ejecting his piano stoll at his guitarist while he launches into his solos. Safe to say the stomp box, stoll and guitarist survived.

What fascinated me the most is his time between songs: these are the parts where Malone can pause long enough to catche his breath. And he still finds time to, not only compliments his current leaning post but also gently berates the previous “piano shapped objects” he has performed on in previous gigs.

Bob Malone wasn’t the only one looking comfortable during the show. His band appeared to be enjoying their final gig, at The 100 Club none the less! Supporting him superbly and taking well deserved rest when they could find a moment.

By the end of the gig no one was left standing, not even the piano stool he was sitting on. This was definately an amazing show to watch, in a location that compliments such a performance.

Written by Chuckie 

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