The Merk with a Mouth takes no Mercy

Wade Wilson had it all: the job, the girl and the friends. Then the got the rest: lung cancer, liver cancer and prostate cancer, until the day he was introduced to the Weapon X programme and give the healing factor to cure his cancer and the face of a sphincter. Now all he wants to do is find the people responsible and make them pay.

From start to finish this film is just like the first time you change your son’s nappy and he pees on you! At first you are shocked, then you find it funny, you tell all of your friends and if you are watching an unlicensed vidoe of it it’s illegal! The simple truth is this is the closest to an actual representation of a comic book Marvel has done yet, and I hope they continue.


Ryan Reynolds was born to play this part, even Deadpool says this himself in one of his comics. Don’t worry, if you are trying to convince someone to see this based on Reynolds as the lead but you are worried that his face is messed up, there are plenty of booty shots too! Failing that Hugh Jackmans face is in it pretty often!

I’m glad that Ed Skrein is cast as the ‘generic British actor’ to play the villan. His calm and composed voice just makes for a badass character. In contast, probably the worst decision for this film was Morena Baccarin as Deadpool’s baby mamma: Copycat. Don’t get me wrong, she was great at the mystery girl with a dark past but the swift change into fully committed fenince… I was not sold. There is so much to this character that they could have explored, she even says that she has been so many things but damsel in distress is not one of them. Maybe they are saving this for another film.


The actual content of the film was one of the closest represtations that mainstream Marvel has done yet. For fans this means: explicit language, gratuitous violence and whitty remakes. There is a heavy emphasis on backstory which is to be expected but for me the slows the whole film. It does mean that if/when they do a sequel we won’t be bogged down with too much lovey-dovey, ishy-squishy stuff and we can get down to a good story!

It is definitely worth pointing out the Fx team on films like this one. Why? Because not much has been said about them, and that just goes to show that when someone does something right within what we see as normal/plausible we don’t seem to point it out. You really have to hand it to them! Especially when it’s cut off the they are regrowing a new one.

So Deadpool, it is pretty much the film I wanted it to be and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. I’d like to think that it will start the path for future Marvel films but I’m not holding my breath. Instead I will hugely recommend that you go see this if you haven’t done so yet! It’s perfect for valentines day, mothers day, fathers day, birthdays, Mondays, Sundays, every day!

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