Biggest drop of 2017, Missy Elliott’s ‘I’m Better’

After more than a year of sporadic appearances since the release of 2015’s “WTF (Where They From?),” she’s back. MISSY ELLIOTT doesn’t have to do much when it comes to merking her competition and her newest release “I’m Better” just goes to show it. Released 26th Jan 2017, this tense, stripped-down single for an album that we can only hope might come out soon… let’s pray!

If you haven’t got a taste of MISSY ELLIOTT’S videos before, you are in for a treat. It is not only effortlessly unique, futuristic and cultural, it combines a mixture of brilliantly executed dance moves with oriental and underwater influences. MISSY ELLIOTT seems to be depicted as a bird queen, an empress.

Watch “I’m Better” below to get your taste of the future of music:








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