To KTheInfinite … and beyond

Now let me take you on a journey to infinity and beyond, to a place where a King of his Empire rules infinitely and that’s… KTheInfinite.

Growing up to Ghanian parents in the London borough of Camden had a tremendous influence to the production of K’s music. Such an upbringing merging tightly with the influences of London streets allowed a series of growth to appear within the young rapper that inspired his jump into the stream of music. A cemented direction towards achieving his goals and desiring a life in music was moulded in June 2014 as, sadly, his dad passed away. Instead of taking this event as negative, boldly took it in his stride and brought introspective with an air of personal feelings to his lyrics as we can find in “Would You Still”:

“Feel my consciousness drowning within a new low, before he died I wish I could’ve bought him a hublot. Just to buy him more time on this earth, So I could’ve been the son he had the right to deserve…”


Not only had personal circumstances affected the way put his heart and soul into music, so did reading Physics at University. As most students know, the weight of University can be intense and in a personal interview, confessed that the workload did put a lot of weight on his shoulders so his escape to relieve this tension was via the soothing arms of music. This, in addition, allowed to use his knowledge of compounds and physics terminology to influence his punchlines as a method of teaching physics via music. He even said: If anyone tries to spit a ‘cool’ physics bar, I will catch you out”

An aesthetic aspect that seems to be innate to KTheInfnite’s image is his anime headband from Naruto. wears the  Sound Village headband as the symbolism behind it is everso empowering. In the Sound Village, their tool was music just like how K uses his artistic talent as an instrument on empowerment. The power of positivity and conscious awakening consumes his punchlines with a side of soul that enables his listeners to hit those high vibrations with him. KTheInfinite is more than a one to watch.


This is what the MOBO Awards had to say about him:

Rapper, singer and producer K the Infinite invokes raw emotion as he fuses subtle soulful touches with hard hitting lyrics. When asked which albums and artists have been most influential in the direction of his sound, he credits Lauryn Hill’s The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt as having had a profound imprint on him as an artist. Ironically, the juxtaposition that exists in most of his music, with the soft harmonies against the hard hitting lyrics, is reminiscent of the differences in those two choices.

K the Infinite, who is of Ghanaian decent, states that the ‘K’ in his name stands for Kwojo and ‘infinite’ is a reference to his unbounded lyricism and intellectual thirst. In 2010, he released the first of a two-part project titled Heir to the Throne and the second titled Creation and Destruction released in 2014. After a two-year hiatus, he returned in 2016 with a new EP titled The IKIGAI Project, with my personal favourite track being “Soul shift”. Undoubtedly, K is destined for big things and 2017 may just be the year the stars align.







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