FRANKENSTEIN – Wilton’s Music Hall

A re-imagining of the classic story Frankenstein is told to amazing effect in the new show simply titled ‘Frankenstein.’
Frankenstein. George Fletcher. Photo by Philip Tull (2)
In the perfect venue that is Wilton’s Music Hall, George Fletcher is a wonder as he portrays both Frankenstein and The Creature. Fletcher lives and breathes his performance for every one of the seventy minutes he is on stage. Assisted by Rowena Lennon as the chorus and as his wife Elizabeth, Fletcher gives a very physical performance where he morphs from man to grotesque monster, right before our very eyes.
“Perhaps the most honest, understated and utterly captivating version of Frankenstein to have ever graced the stage…Subtle, simple and emotionally charged”
★★★★★  West End Wilma
Working with a bare minimum on stage, which includes two bright lamps, a chest, and a full length mirror, Fletcher as the creature learns to talk, say his name, while an audience member engages him to repeat his name, then her name. We are witness to this, Fletcher being both man and monster, and it’s a show and performance that is riveting, raw and amazing.
Frankenstein. George Fletcher. Photo by Philip Tull - 071
“an incredible theatrical journey” 
★★★★★  London Theatre 1
Wilton’s Music Hall has just undergone a £3 million programme of restoration work to ensure the infrastructure of the building is sound, but it still might look like it did when John Wilton combined the existing properties in the 1860’s to turn it into what it is today. it looks, and feels, when you walk in, liked you’ve stepped back in time. Separate drinking areas encompass the two story venue, with two bars and a kitchen that serves a small a variety of food, including pizza. But it’s the actual Music Hall where the magic happens. And Tristan Bernays adaptation of the story of Frankenstein, with direction by Eleanor Rhode, is the perfect show for this venue. Shadows, high ceilings, and elevated sound all contribute to the eerieness of the performances and subject matter. Go see it now because Fletcher, fresh from graduating from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, is one to watch!
“Wilton’s Music Hall is in many ways the perfect setting for Frankenstein…a reminder that Frankenstein is at heart a story about the need for comfort.”
Frankenstein continues it’s run until March 18, 2017. To buy tickets, go to:

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