We will make an x of you yet Deadpool 2 review

“We will make an x of you yet” were the last words Colossus said to our friend in the red suit at the end of his first movie, and boy did he keep that promise. But does Deadpool 2 stand triumphant with its prequel or is it just the shart we never wanted but went for because we thought it would smell good?

If your wondering, this time the focus is on the f word: Family. After a fatal kill streak of bad guys, all Wade Wilson wants is to be with his beautiful girlfriend Vanessa. Unfortunately fate has its hand on the steering wheel and the unexpected death of his baby mama Wade spirals into an existential crisis. Trying to get his heart in the right place he attempts to save Russel, a mutant with killer super powers, from Cable, a time traveling techno-organic.

A heavy story right? But this is what makes DP2 so different. First time we saw Ryan Reynolds squeeze into the rubber suit we had an origins story that was fast paced, action packed and funny as fcuk! But looking back the story was kinda short. This time around prepare for so much more. More references, more action and more cameos – I refuse to post spoilers but if you want some hints, just look at the cast list on IMDB, although there is someone who isn’t even listed there and on screen he was credited as “himself”, mysterious!

Adding to the already amazing cast we have Terry Crews, Eddie Marsan and Julian Dennison who I am very pleased to see moving out from under the wings of Taika Waititi and into the big screen (not just in Lynx adverts before the film stars!) this kid is a great little actor and holds his own amongst the butt tonne of celebrities he is co-staring with. If you have seen any of these guys before you will know they keep to what they do best, but this is the only time that I have seen Crews keep his shirt on for 100% of his screen time, don’t worry Reynolds gets his kit off and even sits there in just a shit…

So for all the references (James Bond, DC, Marvel, RoboCop), unmissable cameos, explosions, sad and funny moments, this is a must see movie. One where the funny parts in the trailer only cover a fraction of the film. It’s a little softer than I was hoping for and probably has some lazy writing, that even Deadpool admits to, but it’s self aware nature and willingness to go back and fix all the past mistakes should give it credit. Which is my way of saying stay for the post credit scenes: you won’t be disappointed!

Deadpool 2 is now showing in UK cinemas & IMAX as of May 15

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