I want to talk to you about your favourite ginger from the 1990s no I’m not talking about Ed Sheeran I’m talking about crash bandicoot.

This is a game that is just come out on the intended switch on Xbox one a PC had to join the PS for release last year it is a remake from 1996 which I played and love it’s a remake from 1996 which I played and loved. What makes this game special its the first game created with a 3D perspective. the original creators naughty dog coined this the sonic ass view. This gave way to their later games like Jack and Daxter and ratchet and clank. It’s also pretty much the basis of every other 3-D game that we play now which is pretty cool.

The storyline is pretty basic Dr neo cortex is creating some evil creatures and End up creating a dopey looking bandicoot called crash. He considered this a failure and planned to get rid of him but crash ran away. Now he is making his way through wampa island with a magical mask to rescue Tawan, yep his girlfriend, no I don’t know how that happened either but it gives hope for gingers all over the world! There are a few little changes in the story but nothing huge. The bigger changes are in some of the little details.

The first and most exciting one would be the ability to play as crash’s younger sister coco. There is no gameplay difference between Orange and chocolate but this was a huge feat to get her here as she is more than just a re-skinned crash. At E3 they explained how it was a whole new model with her own emotes and interactions. There are some levels you can’t play as her but it’s definitely a fun change. Other little differences include new idol animations, new dialogue from some of the bosses and some new levels to play around with. Nothing feels different, it’s all been naturally weaved into the game so I appreciate Vicarious Visions for staying so true to Naughty Dog.

If you haven’t got it by now, I absolutely love this game and it is 100% in my top 5 games out this year and out for the switch. I was asked by a friend if it was necessary for this to be remade and without a doubt I would say yes! It feels like I’m 6 again and I’m sat playing it for the first time, and now video game history can be given to the kids of today! Thank you Activision and Vicarious Visions, you have given life again to a childhood icon!

For more information on Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy follow @CrashBandicoot on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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