John Wick- still alive and back for more.

The 4th chapter of John Wick is back with everything you expect and a little more!! We have Keanu Reeves retuning as the eponymous character showing that immortality is possible… will this finally be the film where John Wick sees the justice and freedom he has been seeking for the last three chapters?

You have to go into the John Wick films with suspended cynicism and enjoy the superbly choreographed fight scenes, or like my friend, will leave rolling your eyes at the number of times our Hero should have died but doesn’t. For me I love the graphic novel cinematography and the unbelievable action, this fourth chapter doesn’t fail just like its predecessors.

All the old favourite characters are back, Winston (Ian McShane) the King (Laurence Fishburne) and of course the Table are set to lose a few members along the way in their reluctance to free John Wick from his service to them.

I loved this film, if you like the John Wick chapters so far, this one doesn’t disappoint, just leaves one final question; is this really John Wick’s final chapter or will we see the miraculous hero return once more?

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